Host a conversation salon

Host a conversation salon

If you have a good idea, a conversation salon is often a good way to explore your subject, find collaborators and learn more about how to develop your idea further.

A conversation salon is an alternative way of meeting where the hosts, by way of guidance, questions and salon techniques, make the guests jump right into talking about the things they’re passionate about. Even if they have never met each other before.

The conversation salon is one of Borgerlyst’s first and biggest experiments. We develop the concept because we wanted to strengthen the Danish conversation culture, because we saw how much it encouraged people when they met strangers who were in a completely different place in their lives than they were – and how inspiring it was to have an excuse to start a conversation with another line than the usual ‘so, what do you do for a living?’

But the conversation salons have also proven to be a great tool if you want to break the ice in a group or a local community, explore a topic or develop concrete solutions.

At you can print out everything you need to get your own conversation salons going. Albeit it’s all in Danish for the time being.